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Mirror Image of Diablo 3 Master skills

It is simple mirroring technique is Diablo 3 Master used as bait. I have to note is that this skill is cast animation. If you are in difficult circumstances, the use of the mirror will force your character cast, this is not your time the best choice. In addition, the mirror will be randomized to get you out in one direction, sometimes rushed to blame the pile. This point, you can do nothing, but still pay attention to.
The mirror effect is known, it can get rid of almost all of the control field skills, to get rid of almost all of the negative effects. Therefore, it has become a valuable skill than most people give evaluation.
First of all,you can get rid of imprisonment effect; can get rid of frozen freeze effect; then can get rid of the nightmare; last mirror can get rid of the big pineapple throw your fireball. The multiple images are the most popular choice in the players, a very effective Rune.
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Diablo 3 Evil Ards Modan

Ards Modan Diablo 3, inside the evil king of this task are both harmful elements. Before doing this task to try to heap the Resistance and the upper limit, resistance to at least 225 guarantee a lower resistance curse or full resistance to the ceiling as far as possible with precious stones piled high. I with the to Ards Modan skills give you, and only learned about his skills, in order to better combat with him.
Ards Modan melee attacks will slow down the player, positive contact Ards Modan may be the swing pot repel. Ards Modan skills with reduced blood volume will gradually increase, battle initial only the following skills:
1.An annihilation of the ball, this huge fireball will automatically track the player in a few seconds after the explosion, keep running in order to avoid the bombing of that;
2.Throwing dead bodies, throwing the bodies of the target area a red circle prompt as soon as possible to escape; try to choose high monomer damage skills to Ards Modan effective the dps melee player mobile station in order to avoid its deceleration, the blood came from a multi-kite, fight for potions of the cd.
3.laser strafing: injection laser from the eyes, to hide! Melee is not affected by the laser injury.
4.summon small demon: Ards the Modan summon the demon gate, from which there will be little demons out of the gray circle on the ground is the goalkeeper of the devil out of position, destroying the demon gate in order to avoid more demons to enter the battlefield! Kill the little devil will be bleeding out ball for players to restore the value of life. Hit to kill the demon gate is bound to drop a Blood.

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Blizzard And The Players To Communicate Change MF Equipment Chan

Communication is the best means of communication. Communication between parents and children, the communication between the communication between the communication between the couple, or employees and employers, merchants and customers. Good communication always makes you live in harmony, to do more with less. Blizzard would do at this point. Blizzard on monster death-for-MF installed "Call for players opinions, asked the players to put a bag mf equipment, and the monster was dying to put on what the views on the official website. A 60 Barbarian players replied, Diablo 3 he put a lot of time, nearly 200 hours almost with sbuff mf is 305%. Described his own situation he said is not clear that the developers will have any changes, but if the changes before the monster dying-for-mf installed will result in Niefaleimu courage buff lost or lower monster drop rate of rare equipment, then, this is desperate move for him. Some players are rational, Blizzard in any changes to the former can hear what the views of players. Blizzard responded that their goal is to retain the advantages of the Mf, improve the quality of equipment, removal of the shortcomings of mf, occupied the position as well as facelift cumbersome. For this communication, we of course very welcome, will respond positively to. Finally, talk to share with you a message. Professional Diablo3 gold sales
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Players Experience Of The Advantages And Disadvantages: Diablo 3

After Diablo 3 version 1.0.3, the barbarians the ability to greatly strengthen the barbarians can start hand experience of violence to kill the process, I also play several weeks of hands barbarians, there are a lot of feelings and experiences with youshare.

Hand the advantages of the barbarians
Hands of barbarians equipment is less expensive, only need a set of hands a weapon like no shield, hands and arms than the one-handed weapons to be much cheaper, because of its attack speed is slower, so do not need to consider the blood hit the back.
Hands of the efficiency of the barbarians is very high, the outbreak of the hands and arms is very horrible, because the hands and arms with a high DPH, with the explosive force of the barbarian terror broke out because of Rune forget the pain can assure you subjected to any attacks can not be brought down within 5 seconds, all are take-all for all kinds of strange.
Brush remote monster hands and arms allow an attacker to more convenient, can often be due to the high damage of a single spike remote monster.

Hands of barbarians shortcomings
When hands barbarians besieged by a group of monsters into a more dangerous stage. Although extremely powerful hands with hands Barbarian weapons power, was besieged by the monster is rare.

Hands barbarians the ability of the wireless life is harder when you want to play some of BOSS.
Hands of barbarians predators I think it is a remote elite mob group, to carry the play live monsters Manman Mo.

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Diablo 3 Character Design And Rune System

The so-called popular is constantly changing, fleeting things. So popular is likely to be short-lived, but the total also some classic that is enduring a long history. They have their own industry and culture, their own loyal ethnic groups, there can never replace or surpass the characteristics. Diablo in the online world, even one like this classic. From one to two to three, the developers have sought to retain the essence, to its dregs, and strive to do better. Of course, Diablo swept all directions in terms of volume, with its indelible glittering. Here we are speaking now heats Diablo 3.

Diablo III still continues to ARPG this mode is full of infinite magic, and arouse the enthusiasm of the new and old players. Of course, Blizzard certainly do a lot of breakthroughs in Diablo 3, for example, in the character design. To create a more distinctive personality, skills more distinctive role. Remove the "magic pool" design in Diablo 3, replaced by each task a unique energy source system. Rune system, the skills of speaking, be regarded as a great breakthrough. Rune of the existence of skills for each task are given a new life, making each character's skills are unique. For example, the witch doctor skills flute, plus Rune can be turned into triple blow of the effect of the greater harm.

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